Identity Verification – What Is It And How Does It Work?

ID verification is a very important process for many businesses. It guarantees that the identity of a person matches the supposed personality. Through identity, we practically mean identical. It means that the person we talk to is exactly who he/she says.

There are basically unique characteristics and traits that are associated with an irreplaceable and unique individual. This is essential whenever we talk about individuals. It is particularly important when we refer to the online world since this is where ID theft is quite common, much more common than we want to think.

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What Does Identity Verification Mean?

Identity verification guarantees the identity of the person behind any activity. This prevents a user to say that he is someone he is not and gain access without having the authority to get this done. Identity verification prevents fraud and the development of false online identities.

Many different systems and methods are in place for verifying the identity of an individual. We are practically talking about a process that can be carried out in various different ways, based on channels used and how the verification would be carried out.

The traditional verification process is done face-to-face. The individual shows his identity to an institution or individual through the identity document, which is usually the ID card or a passport. Obviously, the photograph is checked and the authenticity of the ID document is checked at the same time.

Identity Verification Through The Internet

Nowadays, many of the ID checks are done over the internet. This will become more and more popular with the prevalence of online businesses. The problem is that not all the current online identity verification options meet the characteristics necessary to guarantee process reliability and safety.

A method that is not currently suitable to guarantee appropriate security standards is ID checks done through the use of selfies and uploaded images. This can be used in businesses that are considered to be low-risk, but it is insecure and unreliable.

The modern ID verification method that lives up to all standards is streaming-video ID check. Basically, the process is very difficult to trick. It works in the following way:

  • The user that wants to register or has to be checked will visit a company platform, app, or use a specific website.
  • The user accepts the use of the computer’s microphone or camera in order to start the ID check.
  • The user needs to show an ID document.
  • At the same time, the user shows the face, right in front of the camera.
  • Whenever necessary, the video is validated through a separate process done by other agents.
  • After the ID is verified, together with the credentials of the individual and the video call, validation is considered to be accurate. The user can then register or use the service that he/she initially wanted.

The device that is used to start the video call does not need to be a computer. It can also be a smartphone or any mobile device that has a camera and a working microphone.

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