The Advantages of Using Organic Lawn Fertilizer

As organic foods are gaining popularity, so is organic lawn care. The eco-friendly, “green” movement has also gained traction because of the inherent benefits that stem from organic lawn care. Even though organic fertilizers may be a bit slow-acting, they can provide numerous benefits to your lawn in the long run. For example, by using organic matter, you can avoid adding pesticides and synthetic chemicals to your yard. This can, in turn, improve soil and turf quality. Because of these amazing benefits, more and more homeowners are switching to organic lawn fertilizer clinton township mi.

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Improve Soil Health

By applying organic lawn fertilizer to your soil, you can help it maintain moisture longer, improve its texture and make it less tight and packed. As a result, the soil will become more porous and loose. As the soil’s structure improves, it stimulates microbial activity. Soil microbes depend on organic matter for food and energy. When they feed on organic matter, they release nutrients, which are then used by plants. These nutrients release slowly and reduce the chance of salt damage to grass and plants. Organic lawn fertilizers also minimize the risk of nutrients polluting waters by runoff or leaching.

Help the Environment

While your lawn may be small, the impact of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and water use on all lands across the world is huge. By eliminating the use of chemicals on your lawn, you’re preventing harmful runoff that could hurt the wildlands and water sources near you. You’re also protecting you, your family and neighbors from harm by chemicals.

You may think that organic lawn care is just a buzzword and will die down eventually, but you’d be surprised at the impact it can have on the way you take care of your lawn. This impact can be quite positive if you do it right.

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