Basic Steps To Becoming an EMT or Firefighter

Training to become a public servant, such as an EMT or a firefighter is a brave and noble cause. Saving lives is an intense profession that is not for the faint of heart, so naturally, there are special requirements these professionals have to meet to become fully qualified. Here are some of the basic requirements people have to meet before they are allowed to work as an EMT or firefighter.

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Becoming an EMT

Becoming an EMT, or emergency medical technician primarily requires you to complete EMT basic training and pass a national or state exam to get certified. However, there are advanced EMT training programs as well that can give you better opportunities for employment and the potential for higher-up positions. When you find an emergency medical technician school Carrollton TX, ask whether they offer the advanced training course if you are interested.

Becoming a Firefighter

Becoming a firefighter has a very similar set of requirements as becoming an EMT. Becoming a firefighter requires that you complete courses at the National Fire Academy at the bare minimum. Certain places have different qualifications which can include age requirements, physical ability tests, or becoming a certified EMT. It does tend to be more difficult to become a firefighter than an EMT because firefighters are more often tasked with performing physically exhausting tasks and have to wear incredibly heavy equipment, but that does not diminish the qualifications of an EMT.

Earning the qualifications to become an EMT or a firefighter is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of. Having one or both of these levels of qualification allows you to participate in one of the most emotionally rewarding and draining jobs on the planet. You have to be able to deal with the fact that not everyone will survive, but the people who do will be unimaginably grateful for all you do.

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