Congratulatory Engagement Gifts

When a dear friend or family member announces her engagement, celebrate the occasion with a gift that expresses your love and well wishes. Choose a thoughtful present that not only commemorates the event, but also reflects the couple’s tastes and personality.

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Sentimental Sweets

Celebrate the engagement with delicious treats that suit the wedding theme. Present the couple with candy bouquets that mimic a bridal spray, chocolate-covered strawberries that resemble tuxedos or candies imprinted with the names or images of the bride and groom, for instance. Accompany the sweets with a bottle of champagne and two glasses that they can use during a romantic dinner.

Customized Congratulations

Give the future bride and groom something that they can use to document and remember this special time in their lives. Consider a leather-bound journal with their names imprinted on the cover or a crystal frame etched with their wedding date and location. You can also compile a beautiful fabric-covered book and an assortment of supplies that they can use to scrapbook memories from their romantic day.

Wedding Wishes

Present the couple with a thoughtful gift that they can also use on their wedding day. Etch their names on a pair of champagne flutes that they can drink from during the toast or engrave a sterling silver knife and serving tool that they’ll utilize during the cake cutting, for example. You can also personalize a candle that they’ll ignite during the lighting ceremony or a set of cuff links and garter that they can wear on the special day.

Although you’ll also be offering the bride and groom a gift on their wedding day, that present might lean toward the useful and practical. Giving close friends an engagement gift is also customary, although your trinket celebrating the announcement of their nuptials should be romantic, whimsical and definitely memorable.


Author: Anindita Ghosh