5 Things Every Farm Needs

Running a farm can be a rewarding experience, in spite of the hard work it can take to keep things going. Thankfully, technology has moved past the horse and plow, which helps a farm operate more efficiently and saves time and money. To get the most out of your farming investment, purchasing several quick connect tractor attachments can help you move between tasks with very little downtime. Here are some pieces of equipment that you can’t do without on a farm.

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Front Forks

By adding a front fork to your tractor, you can move just about anything on the farm. You can use it lift seed, pallets, fertilizer, seed, and rolls of hay. It can be installed in a matter of minutes, letting you move easily from one job to the next.


Even if your farm isn’t hundreds of acres, trying seed or even fertilize can be time-consuming. With a spreader, you can convert the manure that has built up into a fertilizer. You can also find a spreader in a pull-behind model if your area is small.


If you want to make quick work of breaking up the soil for planting and prepping the land, a rotary tiller is your best friend. It can also be used to help clear undergrowth, and you can use the attachment to help aerate your soil for better garden results.

Front-end Loader

Even though these are really helpful tools, a front-end loader is one of the more expensive attachment tools. These are often used for grading, spreading gravel or dirt, and cleaning out barns or poultry houses. Your tractor will need to have very good horsepower to handle the pressure and pull easily.


The backhoe is a versatile instrument that can make your life easier, This attachment can cut a drainage ditch, dig field lines, remove stumps, and move the earth.

Farming has come a long way since the days of the mules and horses. The right equipment makes all the difference in the world when it comes to efficiency.

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