Top 3 Industies for Introverts

Introversion can often feel like their options to be successful are limited due to their personality. That does not have to be the case, because numerous professions require the natural ability of introverts to focus. Here are three industries that require an introverted personality, and range from truck driving to astrophysics.

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Trade and Labor

If you want a simple career that allows you to work solo or be your own boss, do some research into various trades. These careers usually involve working with your hands, sometimes outside. Plumbing, landscaping, a driving truck are just a few that can be high paying, lucrative positions. In your research, you can get specific about what you’ll be doing, such as truck driving jobs hauling grain, for example.

Science and Engineering

Science and engineering is admittedly a broad category. Depending on your interests and desire for more education, you could be a hands-on scientist like a civil engineer, or a more theoretical scientist like an astrophysicist. If you do take an interest in people as an introvert, you could be a biologist or psychologist.

Creative and the Arts

Although creatives are sometimes seen as flamboyant extroverts, the thought and time alone it takes to produce is worthy of an introvert. Not as broad of an industry as science, it still offers extensive options. Existing business and start-ups are always in need of graphic design, as well as ad copy and blogging services. Painting, sculpting, or playing an instrument are also options. All of these require interacting with people at some point, like when you’re communicating with a business owner or presenting your work to an audience, but the majority of work you do is alone.

If you’re an introvert, don’t subscribe to the belief that you cannot be successful. Many of the most needed products and services are excellent fits for your personality.

Author: Anindita Ghosh