Cooler Repair in Central Florida

Your walk-in cooler is vital to your restaurant. It helps ensure that the food you serve to your customers is safe for consumption, which is especially important for following the many codes and regulations the federal government has set. But if your cooler isn’t working properly, it can lead to unsafe temperatures that could potentially cause your food to spoil and lead to waste. That’s why you should be familiar with the signs that your walk-in cooler needs repair.

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Walk-In Cooler Repair Warning Signs

  • Worn/damaged door: Wear or damage to your walk-in door can cause cool air to leak out, leading to inconsistent temperatures. This means that your cooler will work harder to stay cool, resulting in a possibly higher energy bill. If your cooler’s door won’t close all the way or gets stuck, you may need cooler repair central florida.
  • Wet floors: Wet floors not only signal that something may be wrong with your door seals or refrigeration, but they can also pose a safety risk such as employees slipping and falling or mold/mildew growth.
  • Strange sounds/odors: A knocking or squealing sound in your cooler’s motor could mean that it’s not working correctly. This is usually a warning sign that something is about to go wrong. Odd odors may also signify your walk-in unit needs repair. A bad smell could indicate a line leak or low temperature (e.g. food spoiling). You may also notice a chemical odor, which could mean the coolant is leaking.
  • Temperature fluctuations: If your cooler isn’t cooling at a consistent temperature, it could be a sign that your cooler isn’t functioning properly. It could mean the calibration needs adjustment, the system needs more coolant, or there’s a leak.

If your cooler is showing any of the above signs, you should consider calling a technician to check for malfunction or to make necessary repairs. It’s important to act fast to ensure the safety of your food and ultimately, your customers.

Author: Anindita Ghosh