3 Reasons To Love New York Cabaret Shows

Liza Minelli said it best when she sang, “Life is a cabaret, old chum!” New York City is teeming with great performance art: dance performances, stage shows, concerts and avant-garde pieces are always on display. Nothing captures the city’s performance scene quite as well as a New York City cabaret, though. Here are three reasons to love these popular concert performances:

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They Give Emerging Artists a Chance

Cabaret shows are a great, low-pressure environment for aspiring actors and singers to show their skills. Lots of famous performers got their start through cabaret. These crowd-pleasing events are also a great way for writers to test out songs and material they’re writing for new shows. By spending your night at a cabaret, you have the chance to see rising stars and parts of new shows before they get their “big break.”

They Give You the Classics

Is there a composer you can’t get enough of? Crazy for Sondheim or Hammerstein? A New York City cabaret is a great place to see a revue of some of your favorite work performed by talented actors. If you’re looking to hear a collection of songs from different Broadway shows, you may be better off spending time at a cabaret show – you can enjoy the entire catalog of your favorite composer in a single night!

They Give You a Chance To Let Loose

At a standard theatre play, you’re probably not hooting and hollering, dancing in the aisles or ordering a few drinks for your party. A cabaret is a more relaxed environment. Need a night out on the town? Find an upbeat cabaret and go crazy.

The performance scene in New York City is diverse and fantastic, but nothing is quite like a cabaret show. If you’re looking for a fun night filled with your favorite music, talented new stars and a great environment, then follow the advice of Sally Bowles and “Come to the cabaret!”

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