Indian Cooking Hacks: How To Make Creamy, Fresh Paneer At Home (Watch Video)

Indian Cooking Hacks: How To Make Creamy, Fresh Paneer At Home (Watch Video)

Homemade paneer or cottage cheese is bound to be of more superior quality

  • Paneer is one of the most widely-consumed proteins in India
  • Cottage cheese is low in calories and rich in protein and calcium
  • Homemade paneer has a better quality than store-bought paneer

Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most widely consumed proteins in India. The vegetarian protein-rich food is made after milk is curdled using a fruit or vegetable-derived acid. Paneer is the desi cheese that we just can’t get enough of. The creamy, fresh cheese is super easy-to-make and is also incredibly healthy. It is the choice of protein of scores of body-builders and gym freaks, looking to load up on lean protein. Paneer can add flavour and texture to almost any dish, from curries to rice dishes and can even be added to junk foods like pizzas. It can also be crumbled and added to numerous stuffings like sandwich fillings, samosa filling etc. Paneer is also added to parathas and flatbreads to add creaminess and richness to them.

Store-bought paneer is convenient and although it may taste the same as homemade paneer, the latter is definitely creamier and has a better quality and a more superior texture. But why buy paneer from the store when you can very easily make it at home? Before we look into how paneer is made, let’s look at its nutritional facts and values

Author: Anindita Ghosh