Mistakes You May Be Making When Maintaining Your Commercial Air Compressor

As with most things that are out of sight, machines that are hidden away can be forgotten until they fail to work or completely self-destruct. To prevent this from happening in your shop, establishing a regular maintenance routine for your air compressor is essential. Making regular checks can save you loss of business, lost revenue, and down time, but not all maintenance is correctly done. That is why you need to take care you don’t make these mistakes when servicing your air compressor.

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Leaks Are Only the First Sign

Running a high-pressure system like an air compressor can be expensive, so it is important to understand that even a very small leak can waste more than half of the compressed air your machine produces. Even a leak as tiny as .25 inches can cost your company more than $1,000 a month. That means your maintenance technician needs to be able to find leaks before they are even visible. Another problem often overlooked is the piping. Excessive heat, advanced age, and constant use can break tubing down and cause cracks which often allows air to escape.

Inspections Are Essential To Business

Signs of dirt and condensation are part of any maintenance plan, but there is much more that should be checked. An air compressor can struggle to keep working even when there are serious problems in the system. Calling in a compressed air service company to check the air receiver, contamination levels, and size of secondary receivers can keep you from experiencing an unexpected total system failure.

Due to the nature of the high-pressure machine, maintaining your commercial air compressor can prevent the unit from blowing into a hunk or junk and seriously damaging your business. Use the signs above to keep from making mistakes when doing maintenance on your compressor to keep it running for years to come.

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