3 Steps to a More Sustainable Home

Decreasing our individual footprints can help to secure a healthy planet for future generations. Contribute to the sustainability cause by exercising a few eco-friendly principles at home. Doing so can not only positively impact the Earth but also your wallet via lower utility charges!

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Go Solar

Not only can you benefit off of the sun’s radiation, Nature’s truly renewable energy source, but you can also minimize energy bills by opting for this sustainable method. Installing a system on your roof can qualify you for the Solar ITC New Jersey, or federal investment tax credit of your state. Currently, this means you can claim 30% of the installation costs because you have invested in this clean energy initiative.

Make Compost

Compost, by definition, is comprised of decayed organic matter that is nutrient-rich and greatly beneficial to plant growth. If you are a landscaping enthusiast, compost is a potent natural fertilizer that can be made in your own backyard. Because it is made largely from kitchen and yard throwaways, you will save money on chemical fertilizers that can infiltrate water supplies and runoff, while nourishing robust vegetation.

Conserve Water

Invest in a front-loading washing machine which, by nature, uses less water than its top-loading counterparts. Dishwashers and toilets are other amenities that can be swapped out for energy-saving or — where the bathroom is involved, low-flow — models. Whenever possible, limit running faucets and cut shower times short. Harnessing rainwater for garden irrigation can also significantly decrease water usage.

In these times, it has become important to exercise awareness over the amount of precious resources we not only use, but can re-use. Affecting change in your home can contribute to the greater good of your community, both near and far. Take action today to embark on a new sustainable lifestyle you can feel good about!

Author: Anindita Ghosh