If You Get Pulled Over While Under the Influence, What Happens?

You may have had a couple of drinks, taken something to keep you awake, or smoked a little weed to relax before bed. You probably planned on staying inside, but something happened, and you needed to leave the house. That is where the trouble occurs because when you participate in any of those activities and then get behind the wheel of a car, the law says you are driving under the influence. The next thing you know, a police car is pulling you over, and you find you need bail bonds Harrisburg PA. Here are a few things you can expect when you get pulled over while under the influence.

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The Arrest

Once you fail the sobriety test, the cuffs are put on, and an official arrest is made. Fingerprints and a mugshot are next, and if your state allows, you may go home. Otherwise, you may find yourself sleeping in a jail cell.

The Car

No one gets to drive the vehicle home because the car gets arrested, too. You will find it in the impound lot, and it will be released after you pay a holding fine.

The Attorney

The attorney you call can help you through the process of trying to beat the DUI charge, and sometimes they are successful.

The Bail

Some states make you pay a bail amount after the arrest to ensure you appear at the appointed court dates.

The Fine

If convicted, your sentence will include a fine that is paid to the court, and you may receive possible jail time.

The Probation

The judge sets terms you must live by for as long as he determines – or you go back to jail.

Getting arrested for a DUI can be life-altering. Just remember, it is not all about alcohol; there are many substances that can alter the way you drive. Be careful and do not drive under the influence.

Author: Anindita Ghosh