Encouraging Your Child’s Talents

Your budding poet may only be in junior high, but when it comes to encouraging dreams you can never start too soon. As your future designer starts to tinker or your soon-to-be rock star first picks up a guitar, you may wonder what you can do to help grow your child’s passion without being overbearing. Here are a few tips that may help you.

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Provide Supplies

This may mean investing in oils and acrylics for your young artist to experiment with mixed media on that old chair, or it may mean finding Motorola radio accessories for your young engineer to start putting together technology for the first time. Regardless of the materials, busy hands will soon find work and it may be a better parenting strategy to provide the tools rather than walking home and finding your garage torn apart.

Provide Tutelage

You may see the ability in your child, but without nurturing it his or her interest may be fleeting. YouTube and blogs can be a fantastic tool for young learners, but it can also be beneficial to find in-person training for skills. Private tutors or group classes can be a useful way of providing direction and building foundations to take natural talent and grow it.

Provide Space

This may be as simple as permitting your child to have a (reasonably) messy room and not have to entirely clean up every project every day. It may mean not complaining (too much) about hearing the same song or riff thirty times in a row. Allowing your child to have physical and mental space to practice these newfound skills may be the most nurturing thing you can do for him or her.

With a little time and patience, you can help your child to grow. An interest may become a profession if you give it space.

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