Getting Around in Style: Clever Ideas for Senior Safety in the Home

The nation is aging into their 80s and 90s. Retirement is longer than ever before. Seniors living in their own homes are a common sight. As you age, however, balance and reaction times falter. It’s time to prioritize senior safety in the home so that grandma and grandpa can stay active over the years.

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Removing the Rugs

Rugs may be decorative accents to the home, but they pose hazards to seniors. Ideally, keep the floor clear and free of any obstacles. Choose laminate or hardwood flooring. Select carpet with a tight braid and low profile. Seniors will have no problems moving around the home as a result.

Securing the Walker

Walkers are still some of the best tools for getting around as a senior. The walker’s feet, however, tend to be less than stable. Try precut tennis balls for walkers. These basic accessories slide right onto each foot with an attractive appearance. They offer stability and reliability. The balls don’t accidentally fall off of the walker, which makes it dangerous to use afterward.

Adding the Grab Bars

The bathroom can be a slippery and dangerous area for seniors. Add grab bars near the shower, bathtub and toilet. Most families appreciate the grab bars for safe movements around the bathroom regardless of age. They also improve your property value if you decide to sell in the future.

Considering Mobile Technology

Cellphones and connected devices are in almost every household. There are specialized services that are geared toward senior safety, especially in an emergency. Sign up for a service that responds in record time if a senior encounters a fall or other issue. In many cases, these services call the authorities in order to help the person. If a senior is home alone for much of the day, these services can be lifesaving tools.

Senior safety will continue to evolve as technology changes and families move with the times. Take your senior’s habits into consideration as you improve the household. He or she will greatly appreciate the conveniences and peace of mind.

Author: Anindita Ghosh