Improving Your LA Office Break Room

If you want your work team to be focused and efficient, you need to create a recharge station. Studies prove that an individual’s productivity increases when he or she is given intervals of rest. These tactics will help you provide your employees with a fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing lunch break for your staff to decompress and refuel.

Provide Refreshments

There will be days when your employees forget to bring their lunches or are still feeling hungry after eating. Contact office vending machine Los Angeles companies to install snack and soda machines in your break room. Provide a coffee machine so that your employees can refuel during a mid-afternoon slump. Your staff will work to the best of their abilities if they’re energized and not focused on how hungry they are.

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Add Relaxing Furniture

Most break rooms are equipped with standard plastic chairs and tables. It’s difficult to relax while staring at white walls and sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Add comfortable couches and even massage chairs for a rejuvenating lunch experience. Decorate your break space with paintings and staff pictures to create an appealing atmosphere. Even changing out basic lamps for more colorful light fixtures can uplift the office mood increasing productivity.

Treat Employees to Off-Site Breaks

While it’s important to create a relaxing atmosphere in your break room, it is also refreshing for your employees to get out of the office building for an hour. Treat employees who are performing extremely well to lunch. Take them to a nearby café or restaurant. Not only is it a nice change of pace for the employee that you’re treating, but it also helps you bond with your staff and creates an incentive for your employees to work towards.

Providing an enjoyable lunch hour for your employees helps improve overall productivity and staff approval. Creating healthy office morale is one of the many ways to be a good, responsible boss for your employees.

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