5 Decorative Mirrors To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Room

5 Decorative Mirrors To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Room

A statement mirror can add a lot of glamour to your room

Mirrors are a great way to add some style and glamour to your room. People with small rooms are advised to put large mirrors in their room to make it seem like the space is bigger than what it is. But that aside, statement mirrors act not only as a thing of utility but they are also a chic decorative item. You can design a whole accent wall around a statement mirror in your room, and it ends up adding a lot of personality to your room.

If you are tempted to get your hands on some statement mirrors, we have got your back. We are listing a few that you can consider getting. Even a simple mirror can go a long way. This SDG red teak wood mirror is a simple piece that will look wonderful as a solo decorative piece on a wall. The red teak wooden frame is earthy and classy. Priced at Rs 2,999, you can get this here.


A lot of us will agree to the fact that nothing is as elegant and classy as white coloured accessories. With that in mind, how about getting this Homesake French carved vintage decorative mirror that comes with a white wooden frame? This will look great on a solid coloured wall. Priced at Rs 2,499, you can get this piece here.


If you don’t want to go for a plain white coloured frame, this statement mirror from The Urban Store Homes is the piece to go for. This handcrafted wooden wall mirror in white and brown is vibrant and still elegant. Priced at Rs 2,171, you can get this here.


If you want to go for something grander, how about going for a set of mirrors? This set of three iron framed mirrors from Hosley in black colour is the perfect set to get. The mirrors are modern, elegant, and stylish. Priced at Rs 731 after discount, you can get the set here.


Lastly, if you want to go all out, we recommend you get this golden Furnish Craft wall mirror that comes with a floral design metal frame. This piece definitely makes a bold statement, and will lovely in your room. This will also make for a great wedding present. Priced 3,499 after discount, you can get this here.


Author: Subojit Aich