Great Health Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

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Marijuana usage certainly seems to be a hot topic in the United States today, with varying degrees of legality in different states. Of the 50 states, medical marijuana use is permitted in 33 of them as of January 2019. Most states require a doctor’s recommendation and some states limit the amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, present in the cannabis. There is also usually an application process. For example, if you are on the search for Chicago medicinal marijuana, you will need to fill out an application form, involving a doctor’s certification of your ailments as well as background checks. It is important to look up your local state laws and ask your doctor if you are interested in using marijuana or cannabis for medical purposes. However, many who partake in medicinal marijuana report positive health results, so it can be worth it to apply if you are able.

Reduction of Drug Abuse

A recent study has shown that people with opioid or alcohol abuse issues can benefit from the usage of medical marijuana. More research is being done on the relationship between medical marijuana and substance abuse problems, which is important work due to the rising opioid usage in the United States.

Improvement of Depression and PTSD Symptoms

There is some data found to suggest that medical marijuana can help patients treat symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. If you think medical marijuana could help improve your mental health, consult your doctor today.

Assistance in Offsetting Chemotherapy Effects

Patients undergoing chemotherapy as a cancer treatment have reported that medical marijuana has helped counteract nausea and vomiting. Scientists are currently researching whether or not the cannabinoids present in medical marijuana can be used to treat particular types of cancer cells.

If you suffer from health conditions, it can be worth it to talk with your doctor about your options, including the usage of medicinal marijuana in any of its various forms.

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