Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Models: Helpful Tools in Improving Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can never remain stagnant. As the cyber world evolves, security measures must adapt and improve to protect against new threats. The complexities of the cyber world require companies to be attentive to the dynamic nature of the Internet. While it is important to comply with industry standards and regulations, other actions are required to ensure a mature cyber environment. In order for companies to accurately measure the quality and effectiveness of their cybersecurity, they should develop a cyber security maturity assessment.

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Cyber Maturity Assessment Models

A maturity model is a tool used across a wide variety of industries for measuring the success of a system and finding weaknesses to be addressed. A typical cyber maturity model includes a set of indicators and features that represent capability and development. The characteristics in the model are usually recognized across industry leaders as best practices in the discipline. Cyber security models usually look at how the system in place is managing risk, identity, information, and a variety of vital factors for ultimate security.

The Benefits

These models create a benchmark for measuring progress while highlighting areas of improvement. Maturity models utilize a leveling system; each level has defining characteristics to use as indicators. For example, once a cybersecurity system demonstrates all the attributes in a given level they are described as reaching that level and the associated characteristics. This creates a natural framework for progression. Maturity models give cybersecurity companies a clear picture for their current state and the capabilities they must attain to reach a more sophisticated level.

Cyber threats pose one of the most challenging operational risks faced by contemporary companies and organizations. In cybersecurity, maturity models provide invaluable tools. Cybersecurity is inherently complex; therefore, creating a successful system specific to company needs takes time. Creating a maturity model creates a clear outline for success that can be referenced to measure progress

Author: Anindita Ghosh