Attempting a Commercial Move? Here’s a How-To

Moving between commercial spaces can be a huge undertaking. Whether you are hiring out the work to a qualified moving company or you are attempting to go at it alone, there is always a lot of planning and prep that needs to occur to keep things running smoothly. Here are some tips for ensuring your operations remain efficient before and after the move.

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Planning Your New Space

After you have settled on a new location and secured the keys, you need to design the space according to your long-term goals. Chances are your business set-up won’t be like that of the previous tenants, requiring extra work to install outlets, additional lighting, or even private office space. You will want to make sure the building is wired for your IT and telephone systems relocation, minimizing the amount of interruption your business will undergo during the move.

Evaluate What Can’t or Shouldn’t be Moved

If you are hiring professionals, there is a limit as to what they can transport. Most of the time these restrictions are to remain compliant with state or federal regulations and include items like chemicals, hazardous materials, perishables, ammunition, weapons, plants, paints, and even batteries. If you are using a professional moving service, it is wise to leave the transport of all financial information and accessories to a manager. This would include safes, checkbooks, cash, or other valuables.

Prep Your Technology for Transport

When you get ready to move your office equipment, take the time to pack things correctly. Backup as much of your data as you can before unplugging it. Label everything! From cords to units, to locations, to individuals, the more detail you have the easier it will be to reconnect everything

As you prepare to move, there is a lot of initial prep work that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Doing it right sets you up for a successful relocation.

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