3 Reasons You Should Have Car Insurance

Most of the life of your car is spent sitting in a parking lot or garage. Yet you probably make your monthly car insurance payment and wonder why you do so. You may even yell at the universe that you feel as if you get nothing in return as you turn your hard-earned money over to someone you don’t even know. But the truth is that car insurance is important and does serve a purpose. Here are three reasons you should always have car insurance.

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Physical Protection

If you find yourself in an accident, whether it is your fault or not, the auto insurance Mount Dora FL, that you carry on your car can cover the physical repairs. Though there are different types of coverage, most agencies offer comprehensive and collision coverage packages that can protect you from other driver’s cars hitting you, your car hitting a light post, or even your vehicle slipping off the road in a winter storm. You may even be protected while you sleep because if someone hits your parked car, it is probably covered.

Financial Protection

After a vehicle accident, there are several types of injuries that your insurance company can cover. This includes the pain, physical injuries, and suffering of the other party. Your insurance policy will also typically cover your medical costs. If there is a lawsuit because of the accident, your insurance company will generally stand on your side and help you through the legal issues.

Legal Protection

It is no secret that there are laws throughout the United States notifying you that it is your responsibility to have insurance on your vehicle. That law is there for your protection, and it is the greatest protection of all. If you are ever in an accident with injuries and have no insurance, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Car insurance is a long-term protection plan for you, your passengers, and your car. You may never have to make a claim, but knowing it is there to protect you can give you peace of mind.

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