Ensure every ride’s a joy ride by sprucing your car

For most people their car is a serious statement about who they are. It is like supporting a football team or the music that you listen to. The type of car that you drive says a lot about you and the way that you treat that car and the people who ride in it with you is also very important. A four-wheel drive that has never been off road says as much about a driver’s personality as a sportscar that is never raced. In short cars send messages and those messages translate into how you are viewed by the world at large. So, with that in mind, make sure that when people join you for a ride that the experience is of the highest order. Here are a few tips to making sure that every ride in your prized car can qualify for the moniker ‘joy ride’.


Power up

Cars are about convenience in terms of getting from one place to another. Convenience tends to stop there. But there are a few little things that can help. Like the ability to charge your phone while driving. Batteries on handsets don’t last like they should, especially if you are using your phone as a GPS, so make sure that no matter what you never run out of battery while travelling. It really is simple, buy car phone charger and leave it in the car. If you take it out every time you get home, you will quickly discover that it isn’t with you when you need it. The same applies to jumper cables. Leave them in the boot for when you have a friend who needs a jump start.

Sounds like a plan

Cars and music almost go hand-in-hand. This is an area with a lot of scope for pimping your ride. From something as elaborate as giant amps and speakers that pump out the base, to a nice mix tape or music selection on a flash drive. Whatever it is, make sure that you have some beats when you drive so that you and your mates can sing along and enjoy yourselves.


Keep it clean

A messy car is something of an embarrassment so never let it get into too much of a state. Make sure that any passengers that you have clean-up after themselves, and that if they don’t that you do. You never know when you are going to invite people along for ride, it could be at any time, but the car needs to look good when you open that door.


Full of surprises

Keep a stash of sweets or something tasty hidden in the car. This works particularly well if you have children travelling with you on a regular basis. If from time-to-time you can dip into a little stash of mints or something similar (remember nothing that melts) it can make frustrating drives and traffic bearable and it can silence whining children for a few minutes. And who doesn’t like being surprised with a sweet every once in a while?


Author: admin