3 Types of Equipment for Deepwater Projects and Interventions

Entities that complete deepwater well and intervention projects require specialized talent and equipment. A deepwater project can take place as deep as 150 meters, and there are many in areas surrounding Mexico, for example. As inflation hit the industry, projects became more expensive, though. Companies, such as PRT Offshore, therefore strive to provide equipment, including motion compensating coiled tubing lift frame, that are streamlined and perform better.

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Here are three types of equipment you may need for your next deepwater project or intervention.

Intervention Work Tower

When your deepwater project does not involve a rig, you have the option to use an intervention work tower. The tower is designed for open pool moon projects. The tower frees up vessel cranes, and when the weather is not cooperating, it does not stop operating. This equipment includes a crown that works, a system for compensation and a system for skidding. The tower provides safety measures that keep all those involved secure.

The goal is to keep your project going even when the elements are acting in an aggressive manner and no rig is present.

Inline Compensator

An inline compensator is great for giving equipment that includes active heavy drawworks additional support. The compensator is light-weight, and it is designed to add passive compensation. The inline compensator manufactured by PRT Offshore works in conjunction with the Offshore Hook to Hanger.

Since the deepwater well industry experienced inflation and a drop off in revenue, it makes sense that those attempting to recover are searching for new and improved solutions despite the hit oil and gas commodity prices took. More emphasis has been placed on deepwater interventions by industry professionals as alternative projects are being sought.


As you purchase your new deepwater projects and intervention equipment, it is a good idea to take a look at the accessories and pick up a few. Swivel tables, risers and adapter spools are some accessories available for purchase. You might also consider picking up a tubing safety valve package.

These accessories are great for customizing deepwater equipment. They allow the user to customize the larger equipment so they adjust to the parameters of the project. Accessories are designed and manufactured to meet the same high expectations of the deepwater equipment they complement.

Deepwater projects and interventions require specialized equipment and trained professionals. In this niche market, purchasing equipment and accessories that will not fail is important.

Companies such as PRT Offshore are actively searching to disrupt the industry in order to manufacture equipment, including their motion compensating coiled tubing lift frame, that is streamlined, durable and a desirable value.

Author: Subojit Aich