Purchasing Horse Show Jumps

Horse show jumps can be a substantial investment, but buying professional quality fences ensures that the jumps are safe and can hold up to the wear and tear they will face in the ring. While some people make horse show jumps, finding horse jumps for sale is worth the effort.

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Long Life
Professionally made horse show jumps are made with solid materials that are designed to hold up to the outdoor environment they will be subjected to. A professional jump manufacturer also understands that horse show jumps are routinely moved around, knocked down, and even crashed into. They are designed to withstand this abuse and still look nice. Buying professional horse show jumps also gives you those nice hexagonal poles that are impossible to replicate on your own.

Jumping is inherently dangerous, but there are plenty of things you can do to minimize your risks. Never jump alone, don’t overface yourself or your horse, and don’t jump in unsafe conditions. Another way to stay safe is by using sturdy, well-maintained professional jumps. Wood that is cracked or splintered, jump cups that are rusty, and other components that are propped up or otherwise not being used properly are asking for accidents to happen.

When you are just starting out jumping, popping over the same crossrail over and over is exactly what you want to do. The repetition helps build success and confidence. At a certain point, however, you will need to add variety to your schooling. Jumping over different types of jumps, from verticals to oxers, from natural looking fences to brightly colored panels, is an important part of you and your horse’s training. Dealing with the unexpected makes you a stronger team.

While jumping over different fences can be intimidating, if they are designed by a professional, they can still be inviting. A homemade jump of poles stacked on barrels or tires with no ground rails is a lot more likely to cause spooks and stops that a jump of the same height with neat standards and poles, filled in with a tidy groundline or even a flower box accent.

Author: Anindita Ghosh