How to make Rasgullas from leftover rice

1. Rasgulla from leftovers

Rasgulla from leftovers

Imagine you have made some delicious curry with rice and your kids or family members decide to have dinner outside. What would you do then? Curry could still be preserved in refrigerator for a day or two but cooked rice is something which quickly gets stale. Leftover rice has always been an issue for every kitchen. You can’t throw it as you don’t want to waste food but you also don’t know what to do with. Can you serve the same rice again tomorrow? No, you can’t! Then again the question remains the same, what would you do with the leftover rice? Let me tell you! No one in your family can ever say no to a rasgulla. Here is your chance to turn the boring leftover plain rice into a delicious and mouthwatering rasgulla. Here is a simple and easy recipe for it. Follow these simple steps and make your favourite dessert.

2. Things you need

You need a few more things other than the leftover rice to prepare this delicious rice rasgulla recipe. For making rasgulla from 2 cups of rice you need 1 teaspoon multipurpose flour, 1 tablespoon milk powder and ghee, 1½ cups of sugar and 3 cups of water.

3. Step1

To prepare this rasgulla recipe with the leftover rice, take a mixer grinder. Now, add 2 cups of rice to the grinder and grind it into a thick paste.

4. Step 2

Then, take a plate and grease it with some refined oil. You can also use ghee instead of refined oil if you want and transfer the blended rice into that greased plate.

5. Step 3

Now it is time to prepare the dough. For dough add milk powder and multipurpose flour to the plate of rice and mix it well. Knead it into a soft dough so that the balls are soft and spongy.

6. Step 4

Divide the dough equally into small portions and make small balls out of them. Make sure the balls you make are soft and smooth in texture.

7. Step 5

On the other hand, to prepare the sugar syrup add sugar and water in a pan and put it over medium flame. Heat the mixture for a few minutes until it is of one string consistency. You can adjust its consistency by adding water to it.

8. Step 6

Once the sugar syrup is ready add the balls to the pan and boil for about 10 minutes or more so that the balls get soaked well in the sugar syrup and absorb it.

9. Step 7

Now remove them from the flame and let them come to the room temperature. Your rasgulla is absolutely ready now. Serve it to your loved ones and flaunt your culinary skills.

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