Commercial Washers and Dryers in Florida

Right now, if there aren’t any washer and dryer hookups in your apartment complex, then your tenants might have to fend for themselves on laundry day. There is a solution that will probably be a good thing for both you and them, though: installing a laundry room with commercial washing machines and dryers. These are a few reasons why this is a good addition to your apartment complex.

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Avoid Installing Washer and Dryer Hookups in Your Units

Instead of setting up a laundry room, you could be thinking about installing washer and dryer hookups in all of your units. However, this might not be a good idea. It might cost you more than setting up one laundry room that all of your tenants can use, and you have to worry about issues once your tenants start bringing in their own laundry machines.

Offer it as a Great Perk for Tenants

Another good reason to consider investing in commercial washers Florida and commercial dryers for a laundry room in the apartment complex is so that you can offer it as a selling point for potential tenants. Those who are looking for a place to live might be happy to know that they will be able to do their laundry without worrying about leaving the complex or buying their own laundry machines. Those who are already living in your complex and who might have to go through a big hassle to do their own laundry are sure to see it as a great perk, too.

Bring in Extra Money

Of course, the whole point of running an apartment complex is to make a profit. Most of your profits obviously come from rent, but you can bring in an added income stream by adding a laundry room in the complex. The quarters that your tenants put in the machines can really add up and provide you with a nice income stream, even after the costs of the laundry room are factored in.

Setting up a laundry room in your apartment complex can be a great idea. Consider looking into commercial washers and dryers so that you can start planning for this project as soon as possible.

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