Facts About Drug Detox And Detox Programs

  1. There are a few reasons why people think to themselves, “I need to find detox rehab centers near me” and find they need to detox from drugs but surprisingly, the main reason to enter into a detox program is not to simply quit using drugs and alcohol. The reasons why the addict is choosing to abuse these substances must be addressed or the chance for relapse is almost certain. The catch is that to be truthful and completely reflective of oneself, you must be free of chemicals used to get you high. This is why one must enter a detoxification program hand in hand with therapy sessions. In this manner, all needs are addressed.

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  1. Depending on what the substance they were abusing was, the withdrawal symptoms may start as soon as a few hours after their last dose or drink. The person’s body is ridding itself of all of the chemicals they have bombarded their body with so they are almost certain to feel unpleasant while the initial withdrawal is happening.


  1. How intense the withdrawal symptoms are can vary widely depending on the person but the drug that was being abused also plays a large role in how the body reacts. Some drugs may produce only mild flu-like symptoms during the withdrawal process while others, such as opiates, may produce very severe symptoms such as seizures or irregular heartbeats which require the attention of medical personnel.


  1. While not all withdrawals will lead to such serious withdrawal symptoms, it is still recommended by experts that the process is done under the supervision of a medical professional. This way, qualified care can be given if need be and holistic treatments can be started if that is what the patient and their doctor decide to choose.


  1. In regards to how long the physical detoxification will take, this will depend on a few different factors. These factors include the age of the person, the overall health of the person, the quantity of drugs they were consuming, and for how long their habit was for.


  1. Unfortunately, many of the veterans of the detox industry tend to report that if a person quits using drugs for any length of time and then begins to use again, their cravings for the drug will become much stronger and their tolerance for the drug will also increase. This means that they will have to use more of the drug to achieve the same high that they did before they originally quit. In many cases, this can lead to fatal overdoses.


  1. The addict needs to remember that just because they try a detox program and for some reason don’t make it all the way through, they have not failed. It was a victory to even try in the first place. They just need to try again and hopefully, with the support of their friends and family will be enough to help them through. Some people tend to forget that the first time in detox is always the hardest as most people are not prepared for the pain and anxiety that withdrawal symptoms can bring.

One of the best ways to help to conquer the addiction that you are dealing with is to enter into an outpatient drug detox program that is both certified and licensed. The care one receives from the facility will be a huge factor in how they perceive the experience of being in treatment and how likely it is that the addict remains in the program.

At the end of the day, anybody should be proud that they had the inner strength to enroll in the detox program and see the importance of detox for substance abuse, to begin with. Some people never do and their lives spiral out of control due to their inability to make good choices. If the burden of the addictions has become too much to bear, do not feel ashamed to reach out to someone, even if they are strangers so that you may get the help you need to get back on track and start leading a constructive life again. You don’t owe it just to your friends and family, you also owe it to yourself.

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