6 Indian Superfoods To Include In Your Diet For A Health Boost

6 Indian Superfoods To Include In Your Diet For A Health Boost

Planning on switching to a healthy diet? While it may seem like a mammoth task to lead a healthy life, mostly that’s what people make it to be, it is indeed not that tough if you make smart choices. You don’t really need a 360 degree turnaround or give up on all the foods that you love, but instead make little changes in your daily schedule that can help bring about a positive effect. There’s no denying the fact that the journey towards good health not just starts with fitness but also in paying close attention to one’s diet.

If you have been hearing the buzzword ‘superfoods’, it’s not without reason. There are many nutritious ingredients all across the globe that are touted for their incredible health benefiting properties. In India too, we have so many local ingredients that for long has been used in traditional cuisines to bring about a boost of flavour and health. If you start exploring and becoming more mindful towards your food, you will discover that such superfoods are the best alternatives to imported ‘healthy’ foods.

Wondering what all superfoods to include to your daily diet? While the list is extensive, we pick out six easily available ingredients that you can get started with:

1. Amla

It’s not just our grandparents but Ayurveda too that gushes about the incredible properties of the fruit, also known as Indian gooseberries. It’s a great source of vitamin C, and it works wonders to boost immunity, slow down skin ageing, keep the heart healthy, improve blood circulation, etc.

2. Amaranth

Known as ‘the food of the Gods’, Amaranth or Ramdana is a rich source of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It’s gluten free and can be used as an alternative to quinoa.

3. Drumstick

It’s only when an ingredient is brought to the spotlight for its health benefits that we suddenly start to pay more attention to it. Drumstick or moringa has long been used in Indian regional cuisines – from dals to stir-fries. It’s a great source of antioxidants, and the whole plant can be used.

4. Makhana or lotus seeds

In the recent years, makhana has becomes one of the most loved ‘healthy’ snack and for good reasons. Again, an ingredient that has long been part of the Indian culinary lineage, makhana is a great source of fiber, protein and minerals.

5. Jamun

When the West has blueberries to rave about, we have jamuns to match up to it. The seasonal fruit is a great source of minerals and antioxidants, and is beneficial to regulate blood sugar levels, boost heart health, improve digestion, etc.

6. Fresh cherries

When it’s the season for cherries, you really must make the most of it. Cherries are an excellent source of antioxidants that help fight against free radicals as well as regulate blood sugar levels.

Make the most of these locally grown ingredients and stay healthy and fit.

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