Choose your own leggings

With more and more women getting their training, license and certification to carry a weapon, concealment manufacturers are rolling out more trendy and modern options for women to carry their weapon on their person. When it comes to bottoms, women can choose from concealment shorts or leggings. There are advantages to both, so the decision ultimately comes down to preference and how each style fits into a woman’s existing wardrobe.

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One of the biggest advantages of concealed carry shorts is that they can quickly and easily fit under any any other pants, long shorts, skirts or dresses. They are very discreet, and they give the added benefit of preventing thigh chafing. Most concealment shorts offer holster options at the thigh or high on the waistband for added convenience. They are also the obvious choice for the warmer months of spring and summer.

Concealment leggings can also be layered under other pants, skirts and dresses. Concealment leggings only offer waistband holsters, but they offer more versatility when it comes to stylish outfit combinations. Concealment leggings can be worn with a long tunic and ankle boots, flats, slip-on casual shoes or stilettos for a dressy-casual look that is both stylish and discreet. They can also be worn with Oxford dress shirts, wrap tops and blazers at the office. If you choose a boot-style concealment leggings and pair it with a blazer and dress loafers, no one will ever be able to tell that you are carrying a weapon while you are at work.

If you plan to carry your weapon on you on most days, you may want to invest in purchasing a couple of pairs of concealment shorts and leggings to have a multitude of carrying options depending on the weather and season. Both options offer convenience, safety, comfort and security. Concealment bottoms are a great investment that you will get a lot of use out of every day, and you will feel protected having your weapon on you at all times.

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