Tips For Improving Concentration In Studies

Concentration is the main key to the student’s success. Paying attention to one subject for a prolonged period of time can be quite difficult. Most of the students get distracted very often and are unable to focus on their studies. It is a major concern for every student.  As the exam dates are approaching closer, many students are struck by exam phobia as they are not able to complete the syllabus on time.

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There are many ways by which you can help students in improving their concentration during exams. Here are some of them.

  • Stay away from all distractions by selecting an appropriate study environment which is free from all sorts of distractions.


  • To gain concentration, avoid studying by lying or sitting on the bed. Therefore, always sit on a chair in the erect position.


  • Always begin your preparations with a fresh mood, especially, early in the morning.


  • Plan for a group studies with your friends. By sharing your ideas, queries with your friends improve your concentration towards the studies rather than studying all alone.


  • Practice more questions from NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions including NCERT 9 science solution, as it helps in understanding the concepts easily without any confusions.


  • If found difficulties in any topic or subjects, never lose your hope. Solve all your doubts with your teachers or friends.


  • Make use of the online resource. Learn and understand complex math problems by watching YouTube videos for different topics.


  • The best way to improve the concentration towards studies is by developing a regular studying habit.


  • Students can gain concentration in Math subject by regular practicing all the basic math formulas and other derivatives provided in different maths books including ncert class 8th maths solution.

Thus, these were some important tips for students to improve their concentration toward their studies. Students have to build positive thoughts towards their studies and should never have bad opinions either towards the subject or towards their preparations. By staying focused both in the classroom sessions and during studying hours, students can easily gain their concentration and score well in their exams.

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