11 dishes that you never knew can also be made in a slow cooker

1. The taste of slow cooking

The taste of slow cooking

While slow cooking is avoided because of the lengthy time duration involved, there are professionals who recommend this cooking method over others for all good reasons. Chef Kunal Arolkar who runs a bakery shop says, “Slow cooking not only enriches the taste of the dish but also adds to the colour because of the mild flame.” There are many conventional dishes that if cooked in a slow cooker can actually taste divine. Here’s a list of 11 dishes that are totally worth a try.

2. Hot Cocoa

Have you ever tried the slow-cooked Hot Cocoa? If not, give it a try for the perfect liquid chocolate taste. The slow cooking process allows the cocoa powder, milk, and sweetener to simmer together seamlessly.

3. Omelette

Well, omelette on a slow cooker might sound like a disaster, but, is actually a genius idea. Pouring the mixture into a slow cooker, and cooking for almost an hour can help you get a fluffy omelette.

4. Meatloaf

Generally baked or smoked, meatloaf is a simple and healthy dish that people love in all the seasons. If you find it difficult to handle the oven heat during warmer months, you can easily opt for slow cooking. Try it and thank us later.

5. Mac and Cheese

For every foodie, cooking mac and cheese in a slow cooker will be no less than a bizarre thought. But, let us tell you that this process of cooking keeps the nutrients intact and also makes the dish fluffy and juicy.

6. Yogurt

For a change, say no to readymade yogurt and try the homemade variation in a slow cooker. Scald the milk to around 115-110 degrees (use kitchen thermometer) to check the temperature and make your own yogurt with the one that contains abundant live cultures.

7. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are dry and at times end up with still-raw spuds. The easiest solution to have the perfectly tender ones is to slow cook them with your favourite toppings.

8. French Toast Casserole

If oven cooked food sounds unhealthy to you, then you can try your French Toast Casserole in a slow cooker too. The best part is, you get several servings in one go.

9. Crumbles

Crumbles made in a slow cooker can actually make you avoid adding extra sugar to the dish. All you need to do is to layer the ingredients directly into the pot and let the cooking process work.

10. Cheesecake

To avoid a soggy crust or a cracked top, make your favourite cheesecake in a slow cooker for the perfect taste and texture.

11. Brownies

If you are struggling to get the perfect brownie at home, then replace the cooking process from oven to slow cooker. They are chewier and fudgier than the baked ones.

12. Bread

Try making your own homemade bread through slow cooker process and trust us, you will stop preferring store-bought slices. Also, slow cooker process reduces the bread-making procedure time, as compared to other methods.

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