Must Have Tools for Your First Toolbox

When you move out of your parents’ home for the first time, you need a toolbox filled with all the tools that you need to do simple maintenance and projects around a house or apartment. These boxes also make good gift ideas for college students just starting out. The exact tools inside will vary based on the type of projects that you do and the experience that you have. While some might add complex tools like Parker crimpers, most kits feature basic tools. You can get a look at which ones to include when making a toolbox for yourself or someone else.

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Claw Hammer

One of the most important tools in any toolbox is a claw hammer. The name of this tool comes from the fact that is has a claw on the back with a curved design and a flat hammer piece on the front. With the hammer piece, you can hammer in nails and put together furniture with ease. The claw piece makes it easier to remove nails from surfaces. These hammers come in different sizes and weights that help you pick one just right for you.

Screwdriver Set

Though you might invest in a separate electric screwdriver, it’s helpful to have a screwdriver set too. These come in two different types. The first looks like a basic screwdriver but has a top that unscrews to reveal different bits inside. You press a knob on the handle to remove the old bit, slide the new one in place, and push the knob to lock it in place. Other sets are larger in size and come with a plastic case. The case itself holds both the screwdriver part and all the bits that you can use with it.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a tool that many think they don’t need until it comes time to make accurate cuts. The basic version of this knife has a blade inside a plastic or metal handle. A notch on the side pushes the blade out from the handle. When the blade becomes too dull, you can actually break the end off along a notch on the blade to get a sharper end. Some are much more complex and have a blade that you can replace in the future and hidden storage inside the handle. Utility knives are so efficient that you can even use one in place of a pair of scissors.

Stud Finder

If you think that you will hang even a single picture or poster in your new home, you need a stud finder. Electronic models are more expensive but well worth the price. You simply place one on the wall, press a button and slowly move it across the wall until it beeps to indicate that it found a stud. Newer models come with a built-in laser light too. You can use the tool to locate studs before hanging anything on the wall and use the level to ensure that it hangs evenly.

Other items that you might add to your toolkit include a handsaw, tape measure and one or more wrenches. You may want to pick up some power tools like a cordless screwdriver or a power drill. Having the right items in your kit ensures that you always have the right tool for the job at hand.

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