Outdoor Living Areas: The Most Valuable Room Outside of Your Home

Outdoor living spaces have become increasing popular in recent years and can even be used to sell a home. Outdoor living spaces let homeowners do more with their property and can be used for dining al fresco, entertaining or an impromptu summer barbecue. The best aspect about this outdoor space is that homeowners can transition how it is used with the season. An outdoor living area encourages family members to get outdoors and connect. This is outside of the additional value it adds to the property itself.

Explore the benefits of outdoor living spaces and how such spaces can increase resale value.

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How Outdoor Living Areas Boost Resale Value

According to a National Association of Realtors survey, the majority of prospective buyers would “pay a premium for a home with an outdoor living space.” Outdoor living spaces offer more functionality than in the past with durable furnishings, televisions and audio systems. An outdoor kitchen from a simple grill to an entire cook’s station can add significant value to an outdoor space and convenience for a homeowner. Keep the addition of an outdoor living area in line with the amenities available in the neighborhood to get a return on the investment. Many buyers are willing to stretch their budgets a little bit for improvements like these, but it’s important to know the difference between over-improvement and improving just the right amount.

What Are the Advantages of Outdoor Living Spaces?

The line is blurring between outdoor and indoor living spaces. As families look for rooms that can serve multiple needs, outdoor living spaces can add extra comfort or seating for celebrations or a room for some much needed relaxation. Homeowner benefits include:

  • Additional Accommodation. An outdoor living space can comfortable accommodate extra people for dining and entertaining. This area can allow homeowners with smaller homes to comfortably throw summer birthday parties and Labor Day celebrations while reducing the amount of traffic within the home itself.
  • Flexibility in Function. Outdoor living areas transition with the seasons and needs of a homeowner. Put away the summer decorations and take out the fire pit as the season cools. Rearrange seating areas for smaller gatherings and add in the perfect nook to enjoy a zen-like morning and the day’s first coffee. One of the best new trends is that the outdoor living space in now often used when staging a home for a resale. Homeowners can incorporate enticing colors, scents and textures that reflect the season within their outdoor living space.
  • Reduction in Foot Traffic. Host a gathering indoors and risk spills on favorite fabrics and upholstery. Active children are also prone to leave marks on light-colored furniture and heirlooms. With an outdoor living space, the majority of guests linger outside, children can run and play comfortably and there are fewer people coming and going in the other rooms of the home. Homeowners can stress less when encouraging people to hang out outdoors.
  • Easier Hosting. Many people have noticed that guests love to hang out in the kitchen. The heart of a home can now be outdoors and guests can grab drinks and chat easily with other guest lounging about in an outdoor living area. It is easier for parents to keep an eye on guests and children with an outdoor kitchen area and attend to any needs that come up. Look forward to upcoming events with an outdoor kitchen and living space.

These are only a few of the benefits for homeowners with an outdoor living space or considering the addition of an outdoor kitchen, deck area or living space. The many designs available make it easy to find a solution to suit a homeowner’s preferences and needs.

Make the Most of Your Home

Prospective homeowners lucky enough to find a property with a well-appointed outdoor living space within their budget would do well to consider the purchase of a well-maintained property. Individuals can easily entertain during the year and encourage family members and friends to get together and make the most of the seasons. Homeowners considering adding an outdoor living space can enjoy their own slice of heaven and install outdoor kitchen areas and create living spaces outside of the home. Homeowners generally choose early spring and late winter to remodel and update homes. Speak with a trusted contractor or remodeling expert to schedule a convenient time to discuss your options as it pertains to adding or updating an outdoor living space.

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