6 Ways To Grow Your Blog Audience

Starting a blog is one thing, finding an audience is another. Many bloggers put up great content, spend hours every week working on their website, and do their best to create a page they’d want to read but struggle to grow a substantial enough audience. If your goal is to monetise your blog and create a brand around your website, you’ll need a fairly sizeable follower base. While this may seem like a pipe dream when your follower count is low, there are ways to make it happen fairly quickly. Follow these tips to get started.

  1. Get the basics right. You could have stellar content and still keep your follower count low if your website doesn’t function as it should. Web design and development isn’t something everyone knows how to do, so consider speaking to the experts if you’re struggling to build a professional looking site to blog from. Look into Web Development Melbourne and let those with the necessary experience build a follower-worthy home for your content.
  2. Share everything. If you write a blog post, you can’t simply publish it and except the readers to naturally flood in. You need to point them in the right direction. Bring readers over to your blog by sharing everything you write on all of your social media platforms. Use hashtags to reach a broader audience on each platform, and make sure you’re using social media effectively to reach as many readers as possible.
  3. Network with other bloggers. Other bloggers could be the missing ingredient in your quest for success. Connecting with others in your particular blogging niche will help you reach a new audience and give you a community of fellow bloggers to work with and learn from. Use sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to connect with others, and try to engage as much as possible if you want to receive their help in growing your audience.
  4. Consider guest posting. Writing a blog post for another website with far more followers than yours is a great way to reach out to new readers. Pitch ideas to blogs in your niche on a regular basis, and put plenty of effort into the guest post to ensure that it gets noticed. Don’t forget to share the post like you would if it were on your own site, and interact with the comments to build relationships with new readers.
  5. Communicate with your audience. If you’re unsure of what your audience wants to read, don’t be afraid to simply ask. Set up surveys on your blog asking what kind of content they’d most like to see on your site, and allow your site visitors to submit comments and suggestions on your post. Tailoring your content specifically for your readers is always a winning strategy.
  6. Create clickable content. Unless you’re blogging in an extremely specific niche, there are plenty of ways to reach a larger audience by adjusting the type of content you produce. Search social media hashtags on a regular basis so you know what topics and news stories are being discussed most widely this week and then create content that’s relevant to those subjects. If you ever encounter writers block and want to get content up, simply musing on the most discussed trending topics of the day can be a simple way to get the attention of new readers.

Author: admin