Technology’s Role in International Relationships

From the basic tools of spears and arrows, who would have imagined that we can now begin to connect every person around the world. Relationships have been forged from kingdoms of the old times to the foundations of international business empires and global political policies. Early humans would not have been able to imagine both the greatness and destruction of technology would have brought.

Through the years, the advancement of technology has been quickly developing. Each year we experience how technology improves in enhancing communication, transportation, healthcare and a lot more different fields. Technology has brought a lot of positive results in improving the processes as well as the quality of life. However, with the sweeping change it has brought in today’s world, it has also brought negative effects. In communication, virtual transmission of message caused a lot of misunderstanding and has misinformed the many, thus, blinding them from the truth. It has created weaponry that is not only used the eliminate the corrupt but also those who are innocent. Technology has played a big role in politics and international relationships.

As the development of technology grew in hand with the growth of individual creativity, social interaction and political nationalism in today’s world, the voice of the citizens may have been more crucial in today’s international relations. The ideologies of international relations: common interest and geographical and cultural variables will still be intact through the years. Although technological advancement in fast moving information and data storage has been of utmost importance in providing value to international and personal systems, the boundaries and a fine line of information related to national security and common knowledge have exponentially grown more dangerous. Furthermore, the role of millennials in the rapid growth of technologies are more conflicting than ever in a way that the faster information is getting around, the faster it is as well of information to bypass these security infrastructures that protects vital and essential information. Thus, in effect, very minimal control on cultural and discontent fragmentation on current popular social beliefs.

In the concept of social media and online platforms, the foreign exchange for international policies has vastly been disseminated. A lot of people have seen how social media platforms such as Facebook can link people across the globe, however, it doesn’t necessarily promote a democratic evolution in the online world. These emerging technologies empower individuals but can also give the channels for abuse and violence to be expressed. Another negative effect of technology is how influential people can use it to manipulate people. Governments that still enforce authoritarian rule have the power to control social media and its content. Their goal is to undermine thoughts on social media in such a way they gain a new sense of control of power. With this, repercussions are bound to happen in managing social thoughts or by merely not being open in adapting technological evolution. The effect on America has been huge. With the recent Trump News being broadcasted, tons of young people have been influenced by the circulating discrimination against muslims and black americans. Not only has americans been affected by the negative effects of social media but as well as other countries around the globe.  With more and more people across the world joining the digital revolution, the challenges will remain on the global political agendas of each government.

Managing diplomacy and organizing political relations have become instant and easy through technological breakthroughs. Unlike the old style of having meetings and conventions of waiting for weeks or days for everyone to gather just to settle an issue or provide instruction for a project, today we can address important issues in a very organized and prompt manner through Skype business meeting, teleconferences, and webinars. Government officials have used these new technological channels to interact with each other and to share information to its citizens to provide transparency for all.

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