10 Inspiring Bold Colored Website Designs 

One of the things that you notice when you’re browsing around for web design ideas is that the color schemes most websites use are very binary. You usually see different tints of blue, black and white. It’s hard to blame these websites because it can be risky to use bold colors. That doesn’t mean that you can’t design a great site with non-standard colors. Here are some great examples of inspiring designs that are built on bold and unique color schemes.

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1. Greetabl

Greetabl uses beautiful pastel colors in their images and backdrops to create an inviting tone and set the right mood for their products. What makes this work is that they use enough whites between the pastel backgrounds to make sure they don’t inundate the user with too much pastel. There’s a great balance of colors and space in this design.

2. El Burro

El Burro is a simple Mexican restaurant site but has a design that packs a punch. It plays into the fiesta theme with bright pink, yellow and green colors. They manage to use the right shades of these colors to avoid blinding their users with bright vivid colors. As a result, they manage to capture the emotion of the colors without the distractions.

3. Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf Iced Teas uses sketch design and classic comic book strip colors to create a unique presentation. The colors are light but bright and sets a great tone for the website. They also use different colors to present different flavors of their iced teas which is perfect for the theme.

4. Atlassian

Who said website marketing apps and SAAS products needed to be boring? Instead of going with a boring design that web hosting providers often use, Atlassian uses an infographic with vivid colors, sketch design and parallax scrolling to create an engaging, colorful user friendly and rewarding design. Tech related sites like web hosting companies can learn a thing or two from this design.

5. True Digital

True Digital is a creative digital firm that uses a set of medium pastels on multiple backdrops for their website. The colors are bold but not overwhelming to the eye. They combine their colors and beautiful photography to talk about their firm and the various projects they’ve worked on. The color scheme is totally unlike the ones you find in the websites of other marketing firms and it makes them stand out in a big way.

6. Little Flyers

Little Flyers is a preschool company that uses warm inviting colors, a variety of graphical cues and high quality photography to set the tone of the website. It sticks to light palette colors and enough white space to make the site design easy on the eyes. The graphical cues and icons really are engaging as the subtle parallax design jumps out at you.

7. Field Work

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Field Work’s site so engaging and unique. First there’s the colorful hero image that uses flat animation. Then there’s the mix of colorful photography and sketch images below. This is set on a backdrop of warm palettes to draw attention to different parts of the main page. This is a great example of how you can use different design styles with interesting colors.

8. Muv Interactive

Muv Interactive uses a clean design and multiple gradients to build contrast on their main page. They used this clean design with their site because they probably didn’t want to distract users away from the interactive elements of the site. The lesson to learn here is that you don’t always have to use big bold colors to create a colorful and unique site. You can also build a great color schemes by using multiple gradients of a color.

9. Holm Marcher & Co.

Holm Marcher & Co. uses a red tint to black and white photography to create a striking design that immediately jumps out at you. They manage to use a bold red but offset that with grey, blue and black to maintain a professional theme. They do a great job in creating an engaging design for what is typically seen as a boring industry to design for. This is definitely a color scheme and design you can model if you’re trying to design a corporate site and need to make your design stand out.

10. 3 Sided Cube

Every designer is afraid of using neon. It’s like asking your visitor to come to your side to get blinded. 3 Sided Cube accepts this challenge and manages to pull it off. They offset the neon with bold white text and use high quality images on white borders to draw attention to them successfully. If you’re looking to use colors that are way out there, take a look at 3 Sided Cube’s site to see how they manage to create a balance with their bright colors.

This list of websites proves that you don’t have to use the standard blue, black and white colors to design your site. By using unique colors, palettes, gradients and themes, you can make your website stand out in the marketplace and help your company build a strong brand identity. So what are you waiting for? All you need is some creative spirit and a sense of adventure to create your own unique and bold colored site.

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