Sure Signs that it is Time to Switch to A Different Website Host for Your Small Business

One of the essential tasks that any business owner will have to undertake at some point is choosing a web host for his business. It is important to realize that a website is only as good as its host. Choosing a website host for small businesses is not easy to get right the first time around. Fortunately, there is the option of changing hosts should the need arise. This process also isn’t as difficult as choosing a web host for the first time. There are common signs to look out for which indicate it is time to change hosts.

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Break down in service

The reality is that it is virtually impossible for a web host to guarantee that your website will always work. The trick is finding a host that minimizes downtime as much as possible. The industry standard is 99% uptime at the very least. With this in mind, if your business website goes down each time there is a surge in unexpected traffic, it is time to switch hosts. This is a clear sign that the host simply doesn’t have the resources to handle your website, and the problems will be further compounded as your business grows.

You suspect your information is not secure

Information security should be a priority for your business. Lapses in security can quickly lead to litigation and non-compliance. Although there is a myriad of security software and solutions, the first line of defense is with your hosting company. If the numbers of security incidents are increasing in severity in number, or have become common place, it is time to find a better host. Hackers look to obtain valuable data such as credit card numbers, passwords and user information. A good website host for small businesses should be able to repel attacks from ransomware, spear phishing and other popular hacking techniques.

Host provider is unable to keep up with your growth

Lastly, if a web hosting company is not able to accommodate your needs as your business grows, it could significantly impede your business growth. Some of the signs that your provider cannot keep up with your business include poor website performance and increasing downtime. These problems quickly escalate to loss of conversions and customers. One of the critical factors to consider when choosing a web host whether it is for the first time or not is scalability. The service provider should anticipate problems and suggest upgrades as necessary. If you have to call the company about outages and downtime caused by growth in traffic, it is time to switch to a better website host for small businesses.

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