Wi-fi extenders vs. Powerline adapters – Which is the best way to boost your Wifi connection?

Is the Wi-fi connection in your house a bit weak which stops you from getting a strong internet connection? If answered yes, you may consider a Wi-fi range extender to boost your signal by that extra bit. Or would you prefer adding Powerline adapters which utilize the electrical wiring of your home to create a speedy network by adding new Wifi hotspots? We all know that a weak or dead Wifi spot in a house is pretty frustrating and these are the devices from which you can strengthen your Wifi signal. Black spots or dead zones are mostly caused due to the distance from wifi router, interference and thick stone walls. Have a look at few tricks and tips and few cheap yet effective gadgets that you can add to your house to enhance your weak wireless signal.

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  • Think of updating your wireless router

The foremost step that you can take is to upgrade your wireless router in order to get enhanced speed. 802.11n and 802.11ac are the 2 latest Wifi standards which will provide you with the fastest connection. In case you have an old wireless ‘b’ or ‘g’ router, you may consider updating it with a new ‘n’ or ‘ac’ device as they provide faster speeds and connection. You can even ask your ISP to send you a wireless and updated router. Though the new routers will not increase the range of wifi network, you can at least get longer distance range and better speed.

  • Create a new Powerline network in your home

Experts also recommend you to use Powerline adapters which are helpful in creating a fast home network using the wiring in your house. This implies that the user can carry internet through the entire portion of the house without having to lose much performance. Creating such a home network is easy as it just involves plugging onto a power plug. Plug an adapter in a power socket near your wireless router and then connect it using an Ethernet cable. The best adapters can create new Wifi hotspot even in the rooms far away from the router. These may not create superfast signals like the Zyxel wireless extenders but they are even good.

  • Wifi extenders

You can also install Wifi extenders as they can provide you with enhanced signal throughout your home. They can catch a wireless signal and again rebroadcast it thereby strengthening the signal from a router between one floor and another. However you should also note that they can even drop down the performance of the network. An extender uses half its internal antennae to get wireless signal and it uses its other half to transmit a new signal. Make sure you place the extender in a central location.

Therefore, if you’re not receiving good internet speed in your house, make sure you get an extender or a Powerline adapter with which you can boost your speed and get a speedy connection at home.

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