Knowing the Functions of Digital Door Locks

In today’s digital age, almost every device that we use every day for our daily purposes has a digital operation. Right from the digital watch to the mobile phone, we are literally surrounded by digital devices and they have seamlessly become an indispensable part of our everyday routine. The digital technology has also crept in your car and home door, with the digital door locks, it has now become easier to control the movement of the door than ever before. This revolutionary locking system has made the traditional lock and key system totally obsolete; you can lock and unlock the door without the need for a key. The doors can be controlled by a keyless and wireless remote control system.

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The remote control for digital doors is a battery operated device that is based on electronic circuit. The device transmits radio signals through air to the system installed inside the house or the car door. Typically, the remote control can be operated from a distance of 75 to 500 meters range. The functioning of the remote control of a digital door system is very similar to the functioning of the remote of your LCD TV or music player in your home. It is obvious, that since there is no physical lock, the digital door lock cannot be opened or closed manually.

Some of the high-end digital door locking systems have a built-in alarm system that starts beeping when the digital door of your home or vehicle is touched by someone. This alarm intimates the owner of the car or the home and thereby prevents unauthorized access. You can install a keyless lock system on your home and vehicle. The digital system have great significance in today’s time, especially in today’s time when the threat of robbery and stealing is looming large; these systems are extremely safe and safeguard your asset and family members.

Not only are these locking systems sturdy, but also unlike the traditional locks, it makes it impossible for the criminals to break the locking system and enter your home. Not to mention, these locks can not be opened with a duplicate key or by another means. One of the main reason why a lot of people prefer to install digital locking systems is that it gives them the peace of mind knowing that their home and their property is safe, even while you are out. Also, the modern day digital locking systems helps you to synchronize the locking system to the smart device and operate the door right off your phone or tablet.

Another significant feature of this type of locking system is that you need not have to worry about carrying the heavy keys or losing the keys. All you need to do is remember a simple password to enter or exit your home.

Even if you have lost your remote control or have forgotten your lock code or password, you can easily get your lock repaired from a licensed locksmith or you can get a new remote either from an online shop or at any local digital security system dealer. If you are using a digital door lock system for your car, some of the modern day remote controls are equipped with additional functions like temperature indicator and fuel indicator of the car etc.

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