How Improvements In Technology Has Made The Fashion Buyer Smarter

With several improvements in technology, consumers have learnt as much of the industry as the people who run it. The bridge between the buyer and seller has considerably reduced – making high-end fashion easily accessible.

Here are some ways technology has made the fashion buyer smarter:

The Buyer is the King

There was a time when buyers would walk into the store unaware of what it had to offer. But now consumers are employing smart clothing techniques to gain the best from the retail industry. Many popular models and bloggers are approached by brands to advertise their products to create a personal touch to their fan base. This way consumers get to know more about the product than they would if the product was advertised by the brand itself.

Social media also plays a big role by providing plenty of information about the products on offer. Customers can carry out their own research and get maximum value from their purchase.

E-commerce stores

Technology in retail stores has now improved the customer experience by way of transitioning their stores toan online platform. Many of these online stores are in close competition and are constantly reducing rates and discounts to stay ahead in the game. Since e-commerce portals bring together a number of brands, customers are at an advantage because they can now compare and weigh their options before buying and hence making the most economical and smart decision.

Feedback and Opinion

With the convergence of fashion and technology, industries rely heavily on feedback and customer satisfaction. Here is another way that that buyers get smarter with the option of providing genuine feedback for a good or a bad product. Once these views are expressed and uploaded, others are given an honest customer review. If the feedback is good, the brand gets more recognition and if it is bad, the brand is pressured to compensate for it as it faces judgment in a public platform. In this way, the buyers collectively have an upper hand and technically get the best out of the fashion industry.

Innovation in Fashion

3D printing, 3D trial rooms, technology trends like online purchasing, selling and reselling have in actuality empowered the buyers and have exposed them to more avenues of the business of fashion.

Buyers can now use abof’s 3D trial room to virtually try their clothes on before buying them. Return policy and online regulation have allowed buyers to safeguard themselves from scams too.

All in all, buyers now have become smarter because technology and fashion online have become customer friendly and customer satisfaction driven.

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