iPhone Spying Apps: Is Apple’s Worst Nightmare Coming True?

For many years, iPhone has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the securest smartphone options available in the market. This is precisely why a large number of people have given preference to it over the likes of Android, assuming that their private data would stay protected on it. However, Apple’s flagship phone seems to have lost its competitive edge lately, courtesy of the advent and rapid advancement of iPhone spy apps. Until recently, the iOS-powered phone was regarded as an impenetrable fortress, especially in its non-jailbroken state, but the situation has changed drastically. Much to the horror of Apple and iPhone users, the distinguished security offered by the device is quickly becoming an illusion as spy apps continue to evolve at an alarming pace.

The Digital Harbinger of Doom

After learning about the security vulnerabilities found in even the latest models of iPhone, one automatically starts to consider one of the two possibilities to be true; either Apple has stopped giving emphasis on its security features, or spy apps have become extremely powerful. Based on the huge advancement iPhone spy apps have undergone over the past few years, the latter possibility seems to carry more weight. Simply take a look at www.mobistealth.com to get a very good idea about what contemporary iPhone spy apps have become capable of. Everything from text messages, call, photos, videos, instant messaging conversations, browsing history, location history, and contact details find themselves at a risk of getting comprised once these ridiculously spy apps are sneaked into the iPhone. Unfortunately, the worst part is yet to come. Recently, iPhone spy apps have gained the ability to work on even non-jailbroken devices, thus stripping iPhone users of the advantage that the walled-garden firmware provided them. This is a huge blow for Apple as it has been stripped of one of its biggest advantages over rival smartphone manufacturers.

Apple Pushed Against the Wall

Keeping unofficial third-party apps off iPhone seemed to have worked extremely well for the tech giant over the years. To mitigate security risks and enhance user experience, frequent updates had become a norm. There was, and maybe still is, hardly any doubt over the commitment of Apple to providing its customers with the safest mobile experience, but unfortunately, it seems to have found itself facing a daunting challenge, one that it doesn’t seem to have too many answers to. Spy apps for iPhone are nothing new. They have been around for many years now, but the risk was limited by their reliance on jailbroken devices. With this line of defense gone, Tim Cook and his team have clearly lost their biggest advantage. Of course, the market would be well aware of it too.

It’s Now or Never

Apple has plenty of work to do right now if it wants to keep its reputation based on the impeccable security protocols of its devices from slipping even further. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, primarily because the rate at which advancement is taking place in spying technology is astonishing. There seems to be no wall thick enough to provide an absolute protection against the relentless minds behind spy apps. Apple needs to act quick because the clock is ticking.

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