Go green at your next event and use SMS marketing

“Go Green”, is the most popular slogan these days. In such instances, everybody is making an effort to contribute in whatever way they can to make earth a greener and cleaner planet. For brands or businesses like MSG91 that keep organizing events very often, here we are discussing a few ways how they can be more “green” at their next event. If you are also into one such business then continue reading.

Here are three ways you can eliminate paper with text messaging. These ideas will help you organize a better event, save you hassle and make your attendees happier simultaneously.


  • Say bye to those fishbowls

Fishbowls not only collect paper but they also look tacky. Will you be making your attendees drop their business cards in a fishbowl for more information or to win a hamper? And then who will be wasting his day to enter details of those business cards manually in a CRM or an Excel file? Ask attendees to send an SMS to enter the giveaway contest. Ask them to share their email address as well. This will give you access to more information, immediately. You can also have those details pushed into CRM or Excel file, automatically. Consider sending your attendees an email right after the even to thank them for their attendance.

  • No clipboards

If you are still using clipboards to collect the information, you are doing it difficult way. Rather than asking the attendees to wait around for someone to give them the clipboard, let them take their phones while the speaker is still talking, send a quick transactional SMS and signup. This will help you save all the hassle of waiting for the sheet, looking for a pen and then trying to understand what they have written in those complicated fonts. Don’t forget you can ask for their email address too.

  • Counting votes is boring

Does your event include some type of survey or voting? Do you still use paper ballots? Text message is not just for reality shows. Ask your attendees to send an SMS to give their vote. It is not only easier for them, but also for you. They don’t have to wander around searching for a ballot box, and you don’t have to count the votes manually. You can announce the winners then and there only.

Always remember, events are a wonderful place for mobile marketing.

Overall, these tips save trees as well as help you organize a more successful event. They also create new opportunities for mobile marketing. In any of these conditions, you can also save the mobile number of your attendees for future conversations. Additionally with the help of SMS API, confirmation response SMS could have a links to your website, such as, “Thank you for entering the contest! To know more about our latest product, visit this link”.

So, bid a good bye to those old techniques and opt for text messages to make your event more successful.




Author: admin