All good things come for a price, and that is quite true for an Apple iPhone. Ever since the first iPhone was launched years back, there has been an intense interest every September for what Apple will bring to the table next. Listed below are the 5 top iPhones launches over the past couple of years that took the market by storm, along with the Apple iPhone Prices:

· iPhone 6S Plus

The biggest and most certainly the best of all the iPhones, the 6S Plus is a huge 5.5” phone that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 6S Plus is available in four different colours- rose gold, silver, gold, and space grey. The space grey, 16 GB variant of the 6S Plus can be bought for about Rs.60, 000. The latest chipset from Apple, the A9, finds home in this iPhone along with the latest iOS 9 OS. The 4G enabled phone gives the user a talk time of about 24hrs on 3G. Apple has upped the ante with its improved 12Mp iSight camera that can take mesmerizingly clear 4k videos! The 5MP FaceTime camera has also gotten an upgrade in terms of pixels.

· iPhone 6S

More or less like the 6S Plus, the major difference between the 6S and its bigger model is the screen size; the 6S sports a smaller 4.7” screen with 1334 x 750-pixel resolution. It includes 2nd gen Touch ID fingerprint scanning for security. The screen’s oleophobic coating ensures that the premium look of the phone is maintained. The 6S is equipped with the A9 chipset too, and runs on the iOS 9 OS. The space grey 16GB variant of the phone costs about Rs.45, 000. It sports the same camera as the iPhone 6S Plus. The battery on this iPhone provides the user with around 14hrs of 3G talk time.

· iPhone 6 Plus

Launched in 2014, the 6 Plus can be bought for around Rs. 55, 000. The phone is available in two colours- grey or silver. It sports the same screen specs as the 6S Plus. However, it uses a lesser camera in the form of an 8MP iSight camera along with a 1.2MP FaceTime camera. This camera does not support OIS, or 4k videos. It is equipped with the A8 chipset and runs on the iOS 9 OS. It is 4G enabled.

· iPhone 6

For the space grey (16GB) variant, you will have to shell out around Rs.42, 000. The screen is 4.7” with a display resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It sports the same camera as the 6 Plus, although it does not have the OIS feature. It uses the A8 chipset and operates on the iOS 9 platform.

· iPhone 5S

The 32GB variant of the phone is now available for around Rs.25, 000 owing to the increasing popularity of its younger siblings. The 4” phone is equipped with the A7 chip with support for iOS 9. It has an 8MP iSight along with a 1.2MP FaceTime camera.

If you are looking for a classy smartphone with a dazzling interface, your search ends with an iPhone!

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