How to Get Great Deals on the Best Cruises

Cruises are available in a range of varieties, which are designed to suit all kinds of travel budgets. Whether cruising to celebrate a particular occasion and willing to splurge or want to enjoy a calm vacation without overspending, you will have myriad options with different cruise experiences available for you. There are also multiple savings options available which can make cruising shockingly affordable.

This article will discuss some of the best deals you can get on cruises and hence reveal a lot of great discounts available.

1. Basic Discounts – There are discounted fares available almost throughout the year in most of the cruise lines. Booking done during promotional events like National Cruise Vacation Week can help you get as much as five percent off basic rate for the cruise. Many cruise lines have special discount rates depending on specific calendars. In fact, you might also get discount offered on initial deposit made for a cruise, which are sometimes offered by the cruise lines. Therefore, to take the best advantage of the available discounts it is better to avail the services of a travel agent who can help you with their knowledge in the area.

2. Discounts based on circumstances – Taking advantage of discounts based on specific situations is another way of saving on cruising. In case you are travelling with kids, there are cruise lines which offer ‘kids sail free’ special fares all around the year. Discounts may also be available for special events, in case you are planning to celebrate one on a cruise. For example, if your plan is to have a party or get married onboard, then you may be able to avail discounts on dining plans and cabin fares.

3. Plan-ahead discounts – One important thing that you need to do is to plan ahead for the cruise not only to get some money saved but also to make sure that you have maximum fun. Sometimes you may be offered pre-planning promotions when you book with travel agents. For example, in case you offer to work with them, your daily onboard gratuities may be covered by them ahead of time. Another amazing way to save will be to avail the available pre-purchasing plans. Once you are onboard what makes it even easier to set a budget is to pay in advance for specialty meals or beverages. In certain cases, you may be offered these plans for free. Therefore, when booking a cruise, do ask for price specials or discounts available on beverage and dining plan.

4. Loyal Customer Discounts – The good news for regular cruisers however, is that many cruise lines offer them customer loyalty discounts. So in case you manage to find a cruise line that you happen to like and find them offering a loyalty program, do stick with them. This might put a dent on your costs of cruising.

Whether you are booking a cruise for the first time or have acquired some expertise as a cruise traveler, there are many companies that will help you look for a cruise vacation which is perfect for you, making the whole thing as easy as possible. They can guide you through the intricacies of the process and also help you avail the best offers.

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