India Car Valuation is Going Next Level and You Should Know WHY

The global automobile business is going through its golden phase. However, the part of the world that has witnessed the best of it is undoubtedly the India. Sensors used in air has increased in a foraying way. However, there is nothing magical though if you take a look at the reasons involved. Here in the compilation below we have presented a few potential ones.


Increased Younger cars:

According to the reports, the car valuation of India has jumped at a whopping rate of 6% in past couple of years. The experts claim, the more involvement of the lesser old vehicles is one of the potential reasons behind the growth witnessed. Upon taking a close look on the various platforms, it would be pretty evident that the market is rich with cars those are just one to four years older. The increasing involvement of the cars of above range holds a huge part in hiking the business to about nine percent in past one year.

The overall increase of Indian car market is primarily responsible for such growth of the car valuation in India. The process and statistics make it clear; have a look.

  • According to the reports, the entire markets of new cars have enjoyed a growth of about thirty percent.
  • It’s a fact as well that the same showrooms have shown a great interest in bagging the newer cars.
  • And, in a voluptuous market scenario as of India, it is not a big deal to launch these cars through their branch showrooms at some comparatively less developed cities, or the small towns tagging them with interesting financial schemes. Naturally, the prices of such cars enjoy higher value in comparison.
  • Studying the above cycle, it can be evident that the quality and sustainability of the used cars is obvious to be better than ever. Also, these editions of the cars being manufactured in a mileage friendly way play a big role in enhancing the market.

Higher marketing platform:

Some financial experts claim that the better marketing of the end of sale offers in recent years to be a potential reason for the rising car valuation in Indian scenarios. The extended dimension of media (especially the digital media) is said to be responsible for making the end of season sales such viral. Through the process, the overall hike of car valuation going to the next level becomes imminent.

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Internet playing its part:

The internet has revolutionised India like never before. The nation is now a leading Internet user. Car markets finding a new destination over the web are also another factor in such a huge leap. There are a mammoth car trading sites those are rocking with Indian customers. In fact, a great increase in the inception of online car trading sites has been witnessed in past few years. Analysing the above factors, it becomes pretty apparent for the grown market.

Internet playing its part in driving the business to the new high has generated many freelance business owners or the private dealers. Being specific, the sites like dealing exclusively with the used items have been encouraging for the above groups of people. Mostly, these groups of people deal with the car business as their part time affairs. Hence, they don’t mind in offering the extra advantage.

Being distinguishing:

India being the global trendsetter is also said to be one of the prime factors in buzz making hike of the car valuation in India. The nation has turned out to be one of the finest destinations to invest, and the biggest advantage of which has been grabbed by the financial agencies. Unbelievable flexibility in down payments, interest rates, etc. with the auto markets is also said to be one of the prime factors in driving higher interest in the customers.

In short:

Going through the entire detail, it becomes evident that the stretch is from both sides (with new and old cars). Eventually, a fantastic equilibrium in overall market has been managed to be found. The scenario is pretty much to continue as long as the financial growth rate remains significant.


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