Privacy is a priority:

            Whether it is the natural world or if it is the cyber world, privacy of an individual is a priority to the person himself and for those who are related to him like the immediate family. Important also are the details and the data that form the basis of his or her personality in the real world. What cannot be done in the natural or the real world can be achieved very easily in the cyber world and all that you need is the right code to break into anyone’s confidential details. These details are very dear to any person and the encroachment on his information is not a gentlemanly way of conducting one’s worldly affairs in society. In the smart phones, which is again a part of the cyber world are the different types of applications that can serve you in every possible way. You name a service, and you have an application that would solve your issue and as if this is not enough, the new applications keep coming out every day and looks like there is no end to this downpour of new and innovative applications.

Safety first!

However smart the phone may be with the latest android software, the one most important thing that it cannot do is to stop the other person look into it other than the phone owner. This definitely is a very limiting factor as far as the smart phones are concerned. We keep a multitude of information and data in our smart phones which are quite important and any leakage of the same is sure to cause damage to our lives or career. These are both personal data such as photographs or videos with the family and official or financial data such as the passwords of your accounts or your mails and messages that you send and receive which need to be kept confidential and much more. These are vulnerable to the prying eyes of people who cannot keep their limits. These need a most efficient safety device which can give you a sigh of relief and the one such is the Leo privacy guard and this has become very well sought after right now from Google play.

The need:

The need for such a versatile application is quite high as the trespassing of limits is very common in the smart phone usage. Many have lost very critical data due to a short flap of the eye and this would cost the person much more than you could even imagine. So, the application is developed with several features in mind such as the masking of the application icons that appear on the screen, reduction in storage space by uninstalling useless applications, the battery storage can be prolonged by the app, a string of major apps can be used with this, the app is also very efficient is giving alerts when there is any danger of the smart phone being used by others, the messages, photos and video files are protected, the screen saver gets a very smart uplift by the attractive screen savers and masking icons.

It is versatile:

The application can be installed on any device but it needs the android software of 4.0 and above. The application has been installed by more than a million smart phones as per the data. It is easy to install and is able to perform a large number of functions in a very short time. Leo master guard is able to provide short cuts to all the applications and moving of the apps is also made user friendly and easy.


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