7 Ways to Monetize Your Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that you will ever happen to use. You might think that Twitter is only for connecting with family, friends or fans. This is true to some extent but there is another aspect of Twitter that you haven’t explored yet. That is the monetizing part. So, if you are an SEO or a normal internet user and want to take benefit from Twitter, then here are some ways. You must have a thorough knowledge of Twitter and a lot of followers in order to follow these.

  1. Crowdsource

It is a practice in which you solicit and get contributions from a community or a group. The practice is beneficial for marketing especially social media marketing. You can get contributions from the followers and fund that particular idea. This is more like Kickstarter. If you do it properly, you can make lots of money. To get a better idea of it, you can search case studies and read them and find ways to implement them in your case.

  1. Sell Products

This is definitely a no-brainer for a lot of businesses but sometimes a few make this practice fail. Selling products is a vast practice. You can use discounts and promotions to attract buyers for a particular business. Make sure you are not forcing people to buy these products. Keep it normal like TV commercials. Promote a business through these deals and do not put any fake information.

  1. Produce Twitter-Related Service

An idea is needed here. Make sure that the idea is useful for people who use Twitter in their free time. Like, there is a hashtag generator which generates hashtag based on popularity. This is an existing idea and you can think of your own.

  1. Sponsored Tweets

Businesses give you money for your Tweets. SponsoredTweets is a site that displays all the sponsors that are willing to pay you for desired fee. You need to have a big following if you want to do this. In order to gather followers follow the Twitter habits you must learn from an effective Tweeter.

  1. Find New Leads

Twitter search engine is pretty strong and lets you find jobs or ads related to your field. For instance, if you want to sell your laptop, then search for “need a new laptop” and there you go.

Twitter is not just a thing to have fun on. It can offer you things that you might have never imagined. The key to all these ways is having a big Twitter following. If you don’t have it, then it is not sure that these 5 amazing tips will work for you. Also, keep looking for Twitter trends. Who knows when you create an opportunity for yourself. Plus, you can discuss this will some other social media experts and ask them for possibilities. You must keep reading latest tech news to follow what is going on. It will help you right now and will also create opportunities for future.

Author: admin