Housing’s Real Estate App- the best app for property finder

Being away from home and working from a distant location always proves to be a hectic task for not only married couples but bachelors, as well. It’s been 3 years that I’ve been working in Pune away from my home in Delhi. I used to live in a single room condo to save money for my family. But now that I’m married, I have to shift to a separate apartment to live with my wife, which has turned out to be more complicated than I thought.
Almost immediately, finding a suitable apartment was a tough task for me. I was unable to manage all of my work  as well as my personal life. Then, one of my colleagues in my office suggested that I check out the real estate and property finder app, housing.com, which turned out to be an incredible apartment finder. I quickly found an apartment that suited my budget needs as well as my needs as a newly married man. It was the perfect property to begin a new life. Keep reading to find out more about my experience with housing.com.

One stop property finder gateway

I was completely unaware of the emerging trends in real estate. Thanks to the extremely supportive team at housing.com, I was able to find all the information I needed in order to narrow down my apartment options in about three days. The distinctive services available in the app are:

  • Buying property
  • Listing property
  • Searching listed properties
  • Searching tenants appropriate for your listed properties
  • Finding hostels and PG accomodations

High End Features
This app is loaded with high end features. It’s not just meant for basic property searches. Rather it allows you to research neighboring locations, schools, hospitals, and many other amenities. You can require virtually any kind of information you would need to make an informed decision.
Create your own wish list
Another cool feature of the app is that you can start a wishlist. Once you find a property that looks good, you can put in in your wishlist and come back to it later. This allows you to compare properties, as well as share properties with other people that you might be looking with.

Advanced Search Filters

The best thing about the app are the search filters. You can use the search filters to easily narrow down the list of properties to ones that meet your exact needs. You can filter your results based on your budget, desired location, parking space, gas connections, as well as many other factors.
Not a Substitute for Investigation
One thing to remember is that the app isn’t a substitute for in-person investigation. I’ve had friends who have tried to buy and rent properties through the app without investigating the properties first and it has occasionally been disastrous. I would recommend going to check out the property yourself. Even better, hire a local contractor to go with you. A contractor can check out the property with you and give you advice. Moreover, according to the pros at A-Top Roofing, “it is also commonplace for them to give a quote following the inspection.” You can use this quote to determine with the property is a good investment. You can even use it to drive the price of the property down and get a better deal.

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