Why I endorse UrbanClap to find a driver

I absolutely hate pollution, so much so that I never went beyond public transportation, so when I landed in Mumbai, I thought that my tryst with public transportation is definitely not going to stay for a long period of time, and a drive from Airport to Nariman Point, was nightmare, and hygiene was deplorable, I thought of getting professional cab services on a daily hire basis, but they were far too expensive, suddenly, I thought of asking for help from my friend who lives in Parel, a suburb in Mumbai.


I was glad that he had a car available for me, but then there he had only one driver who drove his car, and he was clueless about getting one for a day, (which could have been potentially extended to a few days, depending on whether I liked the driver) and I started searching on internet about it, finally I read some reviews which pointed out to UrbanClap, the outlook by and large was favorable, and it was good enough to convince me about getting the app, I got in station driver for a meager 800 bucks for 12 hours, which according to me was one of the cheapest rates that I could have ever paid, for comparison, getting a similar service from other places would have burnt a hole out of pocket, a staggering –  4 times the amount I paid for a driver through UrbanClap.

The guy was punctual, and looked educated and well dressed, soon enough while travelling to Andheri, I realized that it was a brilliant decision, The traffic as usual was overwhelming, with lots of pedestrians intruding over driveways and roads with big potholes. Rains further complicated the problem, but surprisingly thought the course of time, driver maintained his cool and took the me out through a shortcut from Hiranandani, Powai, something that even a perfect GPS couldn’t have helped me with, he knew that it was a higher altitude area, there wouldn’t be any water logging and he was right, meanwhile I started to explore the day thinking how brilliantly things unfolded and patting myself for making this brilliant decision.

About 45 minutes later, the rain came to an abrupt end, but traffic was still clogged, but here again, this guy took me out within a few minutes, and took me back to Andheri, I eventually completed all our tasks, without any remorse or anguish, all said and done I got interested in how he started working for UrbanClap India, and how it worked, well unlike how you would expect someone in Mumbai, he was soft and polite, and told me about series of background checks and how UrbanClap ensures safety of people who avail services, and his views on customer service really made my day, I was just thinking about how we struggled in Bombay (as it was called then) to call for drivers, and how ruthless and rude they were, it was a terrific experience.

I used his services for about 3 days in a row (using UrbanClap) and paid him tip, which he refused to take, but after I insisted multiple times, he relented and accepted the tip, the overall experience left a deep impression on my mind, certainly it isn’t risky to travel with drivers in Mumbai, provided if the background checks are done properly, and that’s make UrbanClap a great application – their commitment to thoroughly check background and shut off application in face of any irregularity, I used UrbanClap for other services, and continue to recommend this application. It did come very handy during my stay in Mumbai, and I hope you could benefit from it too.

Author: admin