11 Handy Bookmarklet Hacks For Quick Access To Ahrefs Tools

11 Handy Bookmarklet Hacks For Quick Access To Ahrefs Tools

SEO research is an exciting thing, but we all know – the constant repetitive clicking and switching of windows can be quite tedious and hamper the flow of creativity.
There’s just so much data that has to be checked and researched that you’re likely to find the whole thing excruciatingly boring and monotonous.

But there’s a nifty little hack that will speed up your research by a great deal and make it a lot more convenient.

I’m talking about “bookmarklets”.

New To Bookmarklets?

A bookmarklet is a small “one-click” tool that adds extra functionality to a browser. It can do many useful things such as modifying how a web page appears, querying a search engine, or even show what fonts that are used on a page.

Bookmarklets can automate monotonous steps, and reveal important information, such as:

  • the keyword density of a text;
  • the owner info of a domain;
  • the backlinks of a page.

And here’s why I prefer them to browser add-ons:

  • they do not slow down your browser;
  • they work in every browser (most of the time).

A bookmarklet is not a software. It consists of small JavaScript snippets that are attached to a bookmark and make it perform different tasks.

Handy Bookmarklets For Quick Access To Ahrefs Tools

Here’s my personal collection of bookmarklets that I use for quick and easy access to various Ahrefs tools.

Feel free to “steal” any them from me and supercharge your SEO research:

  • Show Referring DomainsShow the referring domains of the currently visited domain.
  • Show Dashboard PageShow the dashboard page for the currently visited domain.
  • Show Inbound Anchor PageShow the anchor page for the currently visited domain.
  • Show BacklinksShow the backlinks page for the currently visited domain.
  • Show New BacklinksShow new backlinks for the domain.
  • Show Lost BacklinksShow lost backlinks for the current domain.
  • Show PagesShow the pages for the current domain.
  • Show Outgoing AnchorsShow the outgoing anchor texts for the current domain.
  • Show Outgoing Linked DomainsShow which domains this domain link to.

But that was nine, right?

Wayback Machine Bookmarklets:

  1. Show Ahrefs Dashboard for domain seen on archive.org

This is very, very nifty. If you are analyzing an expired (or live) domain at archive.org, it’s annoying to have to format the URL for analyzing the domain, over and over again.


Let’s say you’re looking at some oldish page like this one:


With my bookmarklet you can easily truncate it to justhttp://www.facebook.com/ and submit to Ahrefs.

Pretty useful hack, if you’re an extensive user of the Wayback Machine, right?

How To Use These Bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are no different from bookmarks and can be added to your browser in a split of a second:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the bookmarklet text.
  2. Drag the text to your browser bookmarks toolbar.
  3. The bookmark, and often an icon, will now show.

Like this:


And whenever you decide to use one of them, just click on it the same way you would click on a bookmark when you’re visiting a website.

Like this:


This is it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my collection of bookmarklets. If properly used they will tremendously streamline your SEO workflow.

If you need more, feel free to browse an extensive collection of SEO bookmarklets on my own site and let me know your feedback.

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