Amazing Mobile Apps That lets You Get Mobile Recharge on the Go

Today, in the digital age and the growing use of smart phones among the average Indian consumers almost everyone is hooked to the internet on their mobile phone. Be it for staying in touch with the loved ones through social media and instant messaging services or for carrying out business tasks everything can be accomplished through the smartphones. In a recent study conducted by Nielson an astonishing fact has come to the fore; nearly 96% of the Indian youth use prepaid packages and majority of the users recharge their phone through online mobile recharge services.

There are plenty of third party online mobile recharge services that allows the smart phone users to get a recharge on their phone almost instantly. Irrespective of the network carrier you are using, these online mobile recharge services lets you get the desired amount of recharge with just click of a button. So now, the idea of standing in long queues at the payment center or waiting at the merchant outlets to get recharge has become and obsolete idea. The new trend is to recharge online, some of the best online recharge services that has proved to be a boon for mobile users are discussed below:

  • Freecharge:

It is one of the most popular recharge services in India today. The service allows you get recharge for your mobile phones, DTH Services, Mobile data packs, Internet charges online. The site also allows you to pay your monthly utility bills like gas bills, electricity bills and insurance premiums under a single roof. Additionally, you can advantage of the freecharge promo codes that are readily available on the internet, use these codes or coupons to get valuable discount/cashback on your payments. You can download the app on your phone and be assured that you virtually never run out of balance on your phone as you can conveniently get your recharge on the go.

  • Paytm

Paytm is a useful and productive app that every smartphone user must have on their phone. It not only allows you to get recharge anywhere and anytime but also lets you pay your utility bills through your phone. Thus it helps you avoid those long queues at the payment centers and save time. Another significant feature of Paytm that deserves a special mention is the Paytm wallet. It is basically a virtual wallet that allows you to deposit money in it and use the amount as and when required while paying your bills or getting a recharge for your DTH or data card. Another special feature of this App is that it also lets you do online shopping for all kinds of electronics goods, clothing, bags, accessories, home furnishing items and beauty and personal care products.

  • Amulyam

Not as popular as Freecharge and Paytm, Amulyam still is a widely used mobile app. It is the first service in India that introduced the concept of free recharge by ad-viewing. Additionally, it also provides free recharge to the mobile users up to Rs. 40 for installing the app on your phone. It also pays Rs. 5 extra for every successful friend invite you send. With all these features having this app on your mobile phone is truly worthwhile.

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